Why Siren?

Siren as in lure, intrigue and also warning.  An independent imprint started in 2008 to publish pertinent, political fiction and reprint feminist and left classics.  The struggle of people against power is the war of memory against forgetting.

Why Press?

Because as well and good Kindles may be, we are still hard wired to want to grab things.  Pour coffee over them, annotate them, drop them in the bath and love them.


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The Women’s March and the Erasure of Women

Not The News in Briefs

On Saturday January 21st the Women’s March on Washington took place in order to protest the potential effects the election of president Donald Trump would have on women’s rights in the USA. Conceived of by women, organised by women, networked and shared by women and overwhelmingly attended by women, the Women’s March became a chance for women worldwide to join in solidarity with their American sisters, and march for women’s rights in towns and cities all over the world. And this is what women did, in large numbers and in many places.

It is quite clear from the pictures that this was a women’s event, though it was by no means exclusionary – anyone could attend, but the focus was on women. In the UK for example there were many feminist and women’s groups represented:

It was a powerful opportunity to get across whichever feminist message meant the most to…

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January 23, 2017 · 10:14 pm

On the Rocks

Great night at On the Rocks last night. Film, fiction, feminist song, food enjoyed by all; we premiered our film ‘Elpis’ and raised £240 for the amazing Elpis Project! facebook.com/HopeCentreElpis. Stayed tuned for our next event in May.

Siren Press's photo.

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Oak and Ash and Thorn: short film from Siren Press and Manifestafilm

Oak and Ash and Thorn

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The Wood for the Trees

Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 14.50.47

Click on the link below to watch this short film about the 2014 ‘Adult Provider’ award ceremony

Short film from Siren Press and Manifestafilm

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The Fun Kind


It’s cupcakes at dawn as two feminist council workers slug it out. A radical feminist. A ‘fun’ feminist. Who-apart from the local pimps-will win? A single mum hovers outside Waitrose in the harsh Coalition cold. The structures dissolve as a biologist watches her girlfriends become boys. A survivor takes comfort in the waves. A Jewish feminist marvels as she transitions… to Anti-Zionism.

Extraordinary tales of ordinary feminists: trying to
survive, thrive and organise in these hard times


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Hot and other stories, by Elizabeth Carola

hot3Our initial publication, Hot and other stories, is out now and available direct by clicking on the PayPal button below, or in independent bookshops in Hackney, Housmans and Freedom Bookshop

Ten stories set in Hackney. Ten intertwined lives. A dole officer learns how to poach rabbits. A banker’s devotion to his allotment threatens his day job. An advice worker wrestles with parasites. A jilted lover speculates on the nature of torture. A teacher meets a mysterious stranger. A group of climate activists fail to organise a piss up in the brewery of (very) late capitalism. How we live now. 

In the words of Muriel Spark, for those of you who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you will like.


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