Hot and other stories, by Elizabeth Carola

hot3Our initial publication, Hot and other stories, is out now and available direct by clicking on the PayPal button below, or in independent bookshops in Hackney, Housmans and Freedom Bookshop

Ten stories set in Hackney. Ten intertwined lives. A dole officer learns how to poach rabbits. A banker’s devotion to his allotment threatens his day job. An advice worker wrestles with parasites. A jilted lover speculates on the nature of torture. A teacher meets a mysterious stranger. A group of climate activists fail to organise a piss up in the brewery of (very) late capitalism. How we live now. 

In the words of Muriel Spark, for those of you who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing you will like.



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2 responses to “Hot and other stories, by Elizabeth Carola

  1. Paul Miller

    A brilliant book about London, (my favourite city) If you are now a North London expat this will take you right back to the mean streets of Dalston and the nice streets of Dalston. This should be compulsory reading for every tourist!

  2. James Cameron

    i Elizabeth, I bought your book the other week. I’ve read it, its brilliant. Its very lively minded. My favourite was Diaspora, that is sublime. The writing is really good and I really like the thinking behind it too. Social Workers is a pet subject of mine as I’ve seen a few in action on a friend of mine. They are fucking bonkers: ‘The institution produces its product’. I thought Diaspora was great.

    The one (I hope constructive) criticism I would make was the joke about the Jewish mother. It was OK the joke about the Jewish mother being in there but I think you maybe should have commented on it so people didn’t wonder if it was a reflection on you. It made me feel uncomfortable, particularly baring in mind the widespread rampant antisemetic problem on the left and among anarchists. I wouldn’t say boo in person. I’m writing this to you because from the Jewish mother joke its not clear where you were at. The problem is on the one hand you have Yassar Arrafat approved history and on the other hand you have Israeli approved history. You need to read both and read between the lines. I find the Arrafat team uses the outright lie wheras the Zionists use the airbrush. Theres quite a good balanced account of what is known of the history here (the left and anarchists in the UK should read it and stop frothing):

    All the best, and I hope you write more. If theres any more books I can buy from you then let me know. Best wishes. James x

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